Why Time Is Crucial When Finding Appropriate Finance For Retirement Village

Last Minute Finance For Retirement Village Accommodation Could Cost You Thousands Over The Next Few Years, Which Is Why Finding The Best Deal For Your Future Is A Time Investment Worth Making Today

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Find The Best Finance Option For Your Loved Ones Retirement Village Accommodation And Secure Their Future

Finding and moving your parents into a retirement village is a decision no family takes lightly, particularly when it is set to put a financial strain on your resources. However, rest assured that with our financial planning firm working with you, the benefit of over 24 years experience serving the needs of Australian families is on your side to assist you in making those important, stressful financial decisions.

The cost of securing places in a retirement village can be worrying, which is why it is always best to take time to consider options so that thousands of dollars are not lost in fees each year. Our team of professionals has the expertise and knowledge to bring you the best advice in this regard so that the decision you make is one you can stand over for years to come.

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Finance For Retirement Village

Planning where you will live in retirement is of the utmost importance. Choosing to live in a retirement village is a simple choice for many retiring adults, as it is a complete package of quality housing, social activities, leisure, and a like-minded community of retirees.

If you do not require specialised aged care, living in a retirement village may be the perfect choice for your future.

Planning finances for retirement village living

Aged Care Help offers a variety of retirement planning solutions and we can help you to navigate the in’s and out’s of entering this new chapter in your life. Not at retirement age yet? Our experts can also assist you in creating and meeting financial goals, and we can help you plan for the cost of living in a retirement village down the line.

What is the cost of living with in a retirement village?

Whether your children have flown the nest and you see no need to hold onto the family home or you’re feeling lonely and would love some companionship, a retirement village might just be the best option for your retirement plan.

While retirement village costs can vary between each community, there are some upfront costs that you should know about, as this will help you to estimate your individual expenses of living in such a place. Before you sign any contracts, you’ll need to be aware of the following costs:

  • Deposit, which is paid prior to moving in, and refunded if you change your mind about living in the village. Please note that some villages do allow for a ‘cooling off’ period refund.
  • Administration fees. You’ll need to check with your village operators to find out if any upfront administrative fees are refundable.
  • Stamp Duty, which may be required in all Australian States and territories, and valid for most leaseholder agreements.
  • Additional monthly charges. Nearly all villages will require monthly charges to be paid for things such as grounds maintenance, security, etc.

If you consider moving out of the retirement village, there may also be additional fees upon exit.

Deciding if retirement village is right for you

While considering your plans for retirement, our professional advisers can help you make the right choice for your living arrangements. We will help you take an assessment of your current finances as well as strategise for potential outcomes, including life in a retirement village.

Taking a look at all your options will help you to have a clear map of your future, as well as offer peace of mind when it comes to your finances.

Call us today to create a plan for your retirement village living

We are located in Earlwood NSW, and can be reached by phone at 1800622892, and by email at fp@cbc.com.au. We look forward to hearing from you and chatting about your individual circumstances and goals for the future.

Aged Care Help are the best aged care financial services provider in NSW. They specialise in aged care financial planning and aged care strategies. Browse our website further or call us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Our Financial Advice And Expertise Makes All The Difference During Trying Times

We know just how difficult it is to find the right retirement village for your parents, as well as how hard it can be to secure their place. As their family members it is natural to want the best for them but also to know that the choice you made is right for everyone concerned.

Thus, emotions can run high and those tasked with figuring out the problem may clash over differences of opinion. However, our team is here to arbitrate if necessary and keep things civil while providing our knowledge and expertise so that you all can focus on achieving the best outcome for your parents.

Our Firm Of Specialists Simplify The Retirement Accommodation Process And Protect Our Clients From Costly Errors

Unless you understand the various ins and outs of retirement accommodation contracts it is entirely possible that you will fall into a hidden financial trap that could cost you thousands of dollars over the years. A lack of complete information could spell disaster.

Our mandate is to walk our clients through the entire process in a plain-speaking manner that empowers them to make objective decisions in the interests of their families. Eliminating the complexities of the process ensures that you know what you are signing up for and lends confidence to your decisions.

How We Help You…

Present Options Available To You

We’ll take you through all the different options and plans available to you, structured so that they are specific and relevant to addressing your loved ones’ needs.

Minimising Facility Fees

We walk you through which facility fees will be applicable to your situation and how we can help you to minimise them.

Maximising Government Pension Claim

We’ll help you optimise any government assistance and pensions that your loved ones may be eligible for, so they have all the financial help they can get.

Develop a Responsible and Actionable Financial Plan

You’ll get a financial plan from our fully qualified and experienced team which addresses your parents’ needs directly, providing you with solutions that are both responsible and practically actionable.

Avoid Unnecessary Family Disputes

We can also mediate between you and your family so there aren’t any unnecessary disputes – just professional financial advice which looks after your loved ones’ best interests.

Guaranteed Flat Fee Quote

Retirement villages are notorious for slapping on fees that were brushed over during the contract signing process. This can create havoc for a family and their finances.

Australian’s can rest easy with our team, however, since we have adopted a flat fee quote system that tells you what you will pay upfront and before you ever agree to anything.

We endeavour to help you make the best decisions for your loved ones, and that entails giving you accurate, transparent information that you can depend on when you must decide.