Aged Care Financial Advice In Melbourne Is A Time Sensitive Consideration

Taking The Time To Seek Out Aged Care Financial Advice Is Something That Melbournians Should Strongly Consider If They Don’t Want To Squander Thousands Of Dollars Each Year.

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Getting The Best Aged Care Financial Advice In Melbourne Can Give Your Loved Ones A Comfortable Future

If the time has come to move your parents from hoe to an aged care facility you are most likely in the middle of trying to figure out how things will play out financially. However, finding our team puts you on a path to releasing some of the stress and helping you make those important decisions from a much more informed position. Over two decades our team of professionals has helped thousands of Australian families achieve this, so rest assured we have solutions for you, too.

Aged care financial advice can be confusing, frustrating and lead to rash decision-making just to put a solution in place. However, this can cost you thousands more over the years that follow than you really need to pay. But, with our team working alongside you, together we can find an appropriate plan that gets the best of both worlds for both your parents and the extended family.

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Aged Care Financial Advice In Melbourne

Are you seeking the best aged care financial advice in Melbourne? If yes, let Aged Care Help be your trusted partner when it comes to aged care financial advice in Melbourne. We help residents by giving them expert advice and guidance when it comes to creating aged care plans that are formulated with their financial interests at the core.

How to plan for your aged care

The first step in creating a successful strategy is to know what your options are. CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support System), combined with retirement savings, and superannuation will help you have a stable financial future but you may not have all of those things to keep you afloat?

Whatever your situation, sit down with one of our advisers to chat more about;

  • Assessing your needs and expectations for in home or residential support
  • Estimating the cost of these services and comparing them to your current financial outlook
  • Having a short and long term solution for managing finances and expenses during aged care
  • Gaining additional support by exploring all avenues and options for care

Your options for aged care are not limited

There are a variety of solutions for aged care and your needs for specialised care may differ from the next individual. That’s why we want to assist you in taking stock of your current needs, while implementing a customised plan for aged care that will evolve with you.

You are not alone

Whether you are planning for your own aged care, or you’re assisting an elderly parent through the process, we are here to guide you through each step in the planning process. Let us do the heavy lifting in seeking resources, creating strategies, and assessing your finances or those of your loved one.

If you are unsure of what may lie ahead, here are a few services that we can provide:

  • Income and financial resources for aged care
  • Optimisation of savings, superannuation, and age pensions
  • Expense and budget planning
  • Allocation and reduction of expenses and budget management
  • Retirement and aged care expense mapping and planning

How It Works

  1. Initial meeting – This will be the perfect time to sit down and discuss your current financial situation and your goals for the future. Do you want to go into a retirement village? Perhaps you don’t want to sell your family home just to cover the cost of care? Maybe you’re unsure of what funding you could avail of? Whatever your situation, we will get more familiar with your goals for aged care.
  2. Recommendation – Next, we’ll research your options based on the info you give us and we’ll formulate a customised strategy that will take your best interests into account. .
  3. Implementation – After we’ve explained everything in full and you’ve given us approval; we’ll get our plan underway and bring you one step closer to a happier future.

Speak with one of our advisers today

For more info on our services, feel free to give us a call now on 1800622892 and we’ll be happy to help you.

Aged Care Help are the best aged care financial services provider in NSW. They specialise in aged care financial planning and aged care strategies. Browse our website further or call us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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You Can Count On Our Aged Care Financial Advice To Alleviate Stress And Simplify The Process

It goes without saying that when the time comes to move a parent or both parents to an aged care facility, stress enters into the equation. An emotional time, it is not uncommon for the fear of making the wrong choice to lead to tempers flaring and things becoming much more sensitive among the decision-makers.

Our team can assist in this regard by acting as a go-between to insulate family members from the possibility of emotions boiling over and compromising the process. As such, you can depend on the depth of knowledge and experience built into our financial advice to help you through an already stressful time and empower you to make the best decision.

We Make Complex Decisions Simple And Advise So That Costly Mistakes Are Avoided

Nobody wants to fall into a financial trap that could have been avoided. Taking the time to inform yourself when it comes to aged care finance is vital because with so many conditions, including hidden fees and costs, in the small print you could wind up facing huge bills by rushing your decision.

We are here to simplify the process for you by thoroughly explaining the various ins and outs and talking you through all the steps involved. Stress and worry can be forgotten about when you know which options are best for you and you are confident that you understand exactly what you are signing up for.

How We Help You…

Present Options Available To You

We’ll take you through all the different options and plans available to you, structured so that they are specific and relevant to addressing your loved ones’ needs.

Minimising Facility Fees

We walk you through which facility fees will be applicable to your situation and how we can help you to minimise them.

Maximising Government Pension Claim

We’ll help you optimise any government assistance and pensions that your loved ones may be eligible for, so they have all the financial help they can get.

Develop a Responsible and Actionable Financial Plan

You’ll get a financial plan from our fully qualified and experienced team which addresses your parents’ needs directly, providing you with solutions that are both responsible and practically actionable.

Avoid Unnecessary Family Disputes

We can also mediate between you and your family so there aren’t any unnecessary disputes – just professional financial advice which looks after your loved ones’ best interests.

A Fixed Price – The Fairest Guarantee On The Market

It may seem like a stretch but the reality is that aged care is rife with hidden fees and money traps designed to quickly eat into your finances.

That said, with our team you will know before you ever commit to engaging our services exactly what it will cost.

Our flat fee guarantee allows you to rest easy, safe in the knowledge that you’re not only making a solid decision but will not get hit by additional fees further down the road.