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Avoiding The Stress Of Last Minute Decision-making When Time Is Already Running Out And Seeking Aged Care Financial Services Today Could Save You And Your Loved One Thousands Of Dollars.

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If you are uncertain how things will work out financially when the time comes to move your parents into an aged care facility, relax a little, because you have found the team that can help. Our firm has helped thousands of Australian families from all walks of life over the past 24 years. In that time we have come to appreciate the stresses and weight of decisions faced by those shouldering the burden of financial planning.

Aged care costs can be intimidating and without the right advice a sudden decision could result in a commitment to thousands of dollars of unnecessary fees for years to come. However, when you choose our team of highly-skilled professionals we will breakdown all the jargon and help you decide the best path forward for your loved ones.

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Aged Care Financial Services

Do you think you’d benefit from aged care financial services? If yes, we’re here to help make the process as straightforward as possible for you. Aged Care Help provide quality financial advice and services for senior citisens. If you are considering transitioning to aged care, we want to make it easy for you to move onto this chapter in your life, especially when it comes to your financial management.

Here are just a few reasons why you can trust Aged Care Help with your aged care financial services:

  • A trusted name in financial and wealth management
  • Over twenty years of experience
  • A staff of experienced specialists and advisers who care about the success of their clients
  • Committed to your long term financial care

Understanding the path to aged care

We’ll all get to the stage in life where daily tasks that were once easy become a whole lot more difficult. Spending time in aged care can negate much of the stress that comes with not being able to complete these tasks and this is the reason why so many Australians rely on round the clock care in their local nursing home.

Planning for this stage in life is wise and it’s always best to consult professionals when it comes to getting sound advice on all of the following;

  • Aged care financial assessment
  • Sound financial planning and strategies
  • Evaluation of care facilities options and costs
  • Evaluation of In home care service options and costs
  • Retirement community options and costs
  • Government regulations and benefits

All of the above is done on an individual basis, as we understand that no two people are the same when it comes to financial circumstances and goals.

Considering In Home Services

If staying in your own home is a possible option in your aged care plan, we recommend taking in-home care choices into account. In-home care services can offer affordable and quality services that allow you to remain living in your own home.

These kinds of services are an excellent option for aged care seniors who do not require a multitude of services. In home care is accessible through the Commonwealth Home Support Program, as well as additional options that you may obtain by talking to one of our advisers.

Aged Care Home Considerations

If you require more assistance in your day-to-day life, consideration of aged care home options can be a valuable resource for your individual care experience. Living in an aged care residence can make your activities and welfare more manageable and accessible, and provide additional benefits of living within a community instead of being alone.

We can work with you to figure out the costs as well as plan your budget for long term aged care residential services.

Retirement villages and communities

Retirement communities are a wonderful option for retirees and aged care seniors who are looking to reduce expenses while also having easy access to social and fitness activities. Retirement villages can allow you to remain living independently without added costs.

Our specialists can assist you in determining and planning for your retirement village financial solutions.

Speak with an adviser today

Our specialty aged care financial advisers are available to help you plan your transition into one of the many options available to you. Please make your appointment with us via phone at 1800622892 or by e-mail fp@cbc.com.au

Aged Care Help are the best aged care financial services provider in NSW. They specialise in aged care financial planning and aged care strategies. Browse our website further or call us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Draw On The Expertise Of Aged Care Financial Professionals During This Challenging Time

Of course, the transition from home to aged care makes for a stressful and emotional time for both the person adjusting to the change first-hand, and the familiy members who must organise and prepare for it. Everybody wants the process to be smooth, effortless and the best move for their loved one and things can get a little heated when differences of opinion occur.

We are here to offer objective mediation as well as providing assistance so that the family unit is protected during uncertain times such as these. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to help sidestep any conflict and protect the efficiency and clarity of the decision-making process. This ensures that you can focus on the facts and make confident decisions that the whole family can stand behind.

We Help Make The Process Clear And Understandable To Avoid Mistakes Being Made

During a tough time it can be tempting to make decisions to get things moving in what you believe is the right direction. However, aged care financials is a tricky area that can include hidden costs that could negate the initial relief you felt and bring costly problems for many years to come.

We have the experience to simplify the process for you so that you are fully aware what is involved and which solutions offer the most to your family. Our goal is to make you an informed consumer so that you can feel confident in the decisions you make not only on day one, but as time ticks along.

How We Help You…

Present Options Available To You

We’ll take you through all the different options and plans available to you, structured so that they are specific and relevant to addressing your loved ones’ needs.

Minimising Facility Fees

We walk you through which facility fees will be applicable to your situation and how we can help you to minimise them.

Maximising Government Pension Claim

We’ll help you optimise any government assistance and pensions that your loved ones may be eligible for, so they have all the financial help they can get.

Develop a Responsible and Actionable Financial Plan

You’ll get a financial plan from our fully qualified and experienced team which addresses your parents’ needs directly, providing you with solutions that are both responsible and practically actionable.

Avoid Unnecessary Family Disputes

We can also mediate between you and your family so there aren’t any unnecessary disputes – just professional financial advice which looks after your loved ones’ best interests.

A One Fee Guarantee Is Enough!

If you have been caught out by hidden charges in the past then you unfortunately have experienced feelings of abject aggravation.

However, with the possibility of a fixed price approach available from our team, you need not worry about history repeating itself.

We want our clients to make logical decisions informed by our common sense approach, under no illusions about what exactly they are due to pay.