Has The Time Come To Consider Aged Care Financial Planning?

Avoiding Quick Decisions Where Aged Care Financial Planning Is Concerned Could Save You And Your Loved Ones Thousands Each Year

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Finding The Best Financial Solution Results in the Best Outcome For Your Loved One

When the time comes to move your parents into an aged care facility a lot of uncertainty can exist anout how things wil work out financially. Fortunately, you’ve found the financial planning firm that has helped thousands of Australian families – no different from yours – over the past 24 years, so we know just how much stress goes hand-in-hand with the crucial financial decisions you must make.

Aged care costs are a tricky one to breakdown and decipher, which means that those who make quick decisions could wind up costing the family thousands of dollars every year. The good news is, seeking advice from our knowledgable and highly-experienced team will ensure that you make a decision that you can stand over and know will serve your loved ones best.

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Aged Care Financial Planning

Are you seeking the best in aged care financial planning strategies? If so, we can help! We offer the highest quality financial strategies in aged care and retirement. Our focus is to help you create a personalised plan, customised strategy, and manageable implementation for your aged care finances. We are committed to providing our clients and their family with long-term financial strategies and solutions.

Entrust your aged care plans and strategies to the best advisers

For over two decades, we have planned and executed top strategies in financial care for retirees and seniors. Our advisers offer the best advice, plans, and structure of your long-term financial future so you can rest assured that your aged care financial plans will be implemented and executed meticulously.

We are proud to help you with any or all of the following;

  • Aged Care assessment
  • Financial advice
  • Pension management
  • Home ownership
  • Retirement Planning
  • Preserving assets
  • And more

Why get aged care advice and management from specialty advisers?

Financial management can be very complex, particularly in the case of aged care. We specialise in aged care financial planning and our goal is to simplify every step of the process so you don’t have to worry.

We will never leave you feeling confused, perplexed, or frustrated with endless paperwork and complicated systems. Our job is to help you create a comfortable, manageable financial future so that you can retire in comfort with the peace of mind that you’re safe and secure financially.

The following are just some of the reasons why our clients choose to work with us:;

  • Viable aged care solutions
  • Experienced advisers
  • A trusted name in financial management
  • Easy-to-understand processes
  • Careful implementation of strategies
  • Strategic solutions for every step of aged care
  • High quality financial advice
  • Personalised plans and customised strategies

Why planning for aged care is important

In the modern world, human beings thrive and often reach ages of triple digits. As we reach the age of retirement, we may take on sudden and unexpected expenses that we might not have planned for.

Specialty aged care facilities can be costly, and your accumulated assets can be mismanaged or lost due to lack of financial security. Developing a plan to continually manage your financial well-being will help to protect you from an uncertain future as you age.

We want you to retire and enter into this chapter of your life without worry, which is why we recommend planning your aged care finances long before you reach retirement age. Our advisers are here to provide you with the most accurate financial assessment for your current needs and help you put effective strategies in place for your future needs.

Let Aged Care Help be your financial specialists

We welcome you to come and see us in our office, which is conveniently located in Earlwood in Sydney NSW. You may also reach us by telephone at 1800 622 892 (0297842000) and by e-mail at fp@cbc.com.au

Aged Care Help are the best aged care financial services provider in NSW. They specialise in aged care financial planning and aged care strategies. Browse our website further or call us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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Advice You Can Depend On In A Stressful Time

Naturally stress is part and parcel for all families when the time comes to move your parents from their home and consider aged care financial planning. It is an emotional time because, in truth, everyone wants the best for their parents and fear making the wrong decision.

As such, with stress and uncertainty in the air having our team in place to assist, mediate and bring tried, tested and trusted solutions to the table, this can help keep everybody involved calm and focused. We are dedicated to our clients so that they can rely on us during such trying times, so that they know that even if things feel overwhelming you know that you have experts in place to help make the right decision.

Our Team Will Help You Sidestep Costly Pitfalls By Simplifying The Process

Aged care planning is tricky and requires many decisions, each of which can include concealed financial traps that could threaten your future security. As such, leaping into such agreements without knowing the facts is a high risk move that could have drastic implications for your family.

Our team will patiently go through the entire process, breaking it down into plain English so that you do not have to stress the fine print. We will walk you through each step, instruct you in terms of what is required and advise which options will work in your favour.

How We Help You…

Present Options Available To You

We’ll take you through all the different options and plans available to you, structured so that they are specific and relevant to addressing your loved ones’ needs.

Minimising Facility Fees

We walk you through which facility fees will be applicable to your situation and how we can help you to minimise them.

Maximising Government Pension Claim

We’ll help you optimise any government assistance and pensions that your loved ones may be eligible for, so they have all the financial help they can get.

Develop a Responsible and Actionable Financial Plan

You’ll get a financial plan from our fully qualified and experienced team which addresses your parents’ needs directly, providing you with solutions that are both responsible and practically actionable.

Avoid Unnecessary Family Disputes

We can also mediate between you and your family so there aren’t any unnecessary disputes – just professional financial advice which looks after your loved ones’ best interests.

Take Advantage Of Our Flat Fee Guarantee

When those hidden charges finally reveal themselves it is going to hurt, no doubt about it.

However, we differentiate ourselves from the rest by providing you with a fixed price upfront in the form of a quote. This represents what you will pay for our services and our fee, no more.

It is much easier to relax when you have made an educated move that serves your loved ones and that you are confident will not come back to haunt you.